At ABARIS Consulting we enable leaders, teams and individuals to embrace, manage and benefit from change.

We help people govern effectively, work better together, design, leverage and implement strategies and improve engagement.

As a result, measurable performance increases and is more sustainable.

ABARIS Consulting Performance Delivered

Employee Engagement: Optimizer

An employee engagement solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Builds commitment to a compelling vision, clarifies purpose and values,
sets priorities and targets and establishes a realistic way to achieve them.


Enables groups to work more effectively together and achieve their goals through the design and
management of group processes and provides processes for objectively acquiring stakeholder input.


Provides the mandate, roles, structure, policies, processes and accountability for
the members of boards, management teams and project teams to work effectively together.

What Clients Say …

Why ABARIS Consulting?

  • Cost Effective

    We have invested upfront to build the tools and models that allow us to offer our services at highly competitive rates given the quality we deliver.

  • Experienced

    We have been in business since 1999, have over 30 years of management experience, hundreds of engagements under our belts and extensive education in strategy, engagement, governance and facilitation.

  • Professional

    We are appreciative of your business, reliable and live our values of integrity, accountability, clients-first and collaboration in all our interactions.

  • Fast

    Our online surveys launch within 24 hours of your sign-off and facilitated meeting reports are provided within 5 business days after the conclusion of the meeting.

  • Tailored

    We provide numerable options that enable you to tailor our services to your requirements.

  • ABARIS Client Resources

    As a Client you have 24/7 access to a growing online resource database of credible information through articles, tools, templates and worksheets.